Protect your purchase and enjoy it longer!

Extended the life of your new or used gear, and leave the worrying to us. An extended life plan can pay for itself after 1 repair! Our plan includes:

  • 100% Parts & Labour Covered*
  • Anti-Lemon Protection
  • Fully Administered by JordiBasFoto
  • Global Coverage
  • 60 Day Exchange for Defects
  • 100% Transferrable
  • 20% Off At-Fault Repairs
  • Available in 1 or 10 Year Plans
  • 30 Day Price Protection

Life Plans Extend the Manufacturer’s Warranty for Longer Coverage!

HELP adds benefits from the date of purchase, plus adds years of coverage to the manufacturer’s warranty.
HELP extends the manufacturer’s warranty, instead of replacing it like other retailers.

Example based on a 3 year life plan. 2 year plan also available.


General Inquiries and Frequently Asked Questions

For General Inquiries please Contact Us

What do I do if my product requires service?

If a product covered by warranty is shipped to JordiBasFoto for repair, the customer pays for shipping the product to JordiBasFoto. JordiBasFoto will cover the cost of shipping the repair back to the customer.

What if my product requires regular maintenance and cleaning?

JordiBasFoto Extended Life Plan does not cover regular maintenance and cleaning. Refer to owner’s manual for recommended procedures.

What if my product is dropped, exposed to sand/water, or subject to any damage that voids a manufacturers' warranty?

JordiBasFoto Extended Life Plan will not cover the cost of repairing your product under these circumstances, but if your unit is sent in for a repair through JordiBasFoto you will receive a 20% discount off the cost of the repair.

Terms and Conditions*

JordiBasFoto agrees with the owner of the new product stated on the purchaser’s invoice to extend the Manufacturer’s Warranty on the same terms and conditions, for a period of two (2) or three (3) years, subject to a maximum aggregate term of ten (10) years, upon the conditions listed below. You, the owner of a new product (the “Owner”) agree that:

  1. The JordiBasFoto Extended Life Plan (the “Plan”) is transferrable free of charge to a new Owner for the balance of time left on the Plan. The new Owner must produce the original receipt to be eligible for coverage under the Plan.
  2. The Plan starts from the original date of purchase set out on the date of invoice.
  3. This Plan is valid worldwide. We reserve the right to require the Owner to return the product to JordiBasFoto if no authorized service centre is available to inspect or repair the product.
  4. Serial number on product must be visible and not altered in any way or removed.

Along with the wording of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the following conditions will apply:

  • This plan does not cover repairs due to improper or abusive use of the product, liquid damage, bent pins, damage as a result of impact, exposure to weather conditions, sand or foreign objects found inside the project.
  • JordiBasFoto is not responsible for any accessories, bulbs, inks, cables, batteries, cords, tapes, film, cartridges, inks, ribbons, diskettes, media cards or any add-on devices or recordable media products or related products when an item is sent for repairs or replacement, except those covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Replacement of batteries, bulbs, ink, film, filters, fuses, cartridges, ribbons, inks, recordable media products, ink waste pads or any other products with a pre-determined life expectancy are excluded.
  • Cleaning, general check and clean, maintenance including grips and repairs due to deterioration of product appearance are excluded.
  • External adjustments, use of off-brand parts and supplies, and damage resulting from failure to perform manufacturer’s recommended maintenance are excluded.
  • Data recovery is excluded. All data must be backed up by the customer prior to JordiBasFoto issuing a replacement or repair.
  • The Plan covers parts and labour only and does not include phone or email support.
  • The Owner agrees that JordiBasFoto is not responsible for any indirect, consequential damage (including damage for lost profit, business interruption, loss of data and the like) related to the repair or replacement of the product.
  • The Owner releases JordiBasFoto, JordiBasFoto employees and its’ affiliates from all liabilities due to damage to the product, replacement of the product or injury to any person that is not due to the fault or negligence of JordiBasFoto.
  • In the event that replacement parts become unavailable during the term of this contract or if costs of repairing the product is, in JordiBasFoto sole opinion, disproportionate with its value JordiBasFoto reserves the right to exchange the product with a comparable model (of like kind and quality).
  • The maximum liability of this Plan shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product.
  • JordiBasFoto has the right to determine the replacement product. If the cost of the replacement product is less than the original product’s purchase price, a refund or credit will not be offered for the difference. Any variance between the original purchase and replacement model cannot be carried forward to another purchase.
  • If, during the HELP warranty period, your product requires repair more than two times for any problem, it may be exchanged for a comparable model in JordiBasFoto sole opinion. A repair caused by external damage or sent back “No Fault Found” does not count towards a lemon replacement. Proof of prior repairs must be presented to qualify for a lemon replacement.
  • Replacement of the covered product will, during the duration of the plan, fulfill this agreement in its entirety and will discharge all further obligations under the Plan.
  • The Plan is void if product is serviced or repaired by an unauthorized service centre. If a product is sent in for servicing and, after examining the product, the necessary repairs are not covered by the terms and conditions of the Plan, or if no defects are found, the Owner will be responsible for all costs incurred.
  • Shipping, Duty, Brokerage costs and Environmental Fees are not covered by the Plan and are payable by the Owner.
  • Customer information is used to process your warranty registration and for after sales support. View our privacy policy.

This agreement sets forth the entire contract between parties and no representation, promise or condition not set out herein shall be part of this agreement. This agreement shall by governed in accordance with the laws of Spain applicable therein. This extended service plan is provided by JordiBasFoto.