Warranty Policy*

All products sold through JordiBasFoto come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The length of the manufacturers’ warranty varies with the product. Check the printed information that comes with the product or the manufacturer’s website for the duration of the warranty.

All warranties cover manufacturer’s defects and are void if the item has sustained any type of external damage including impact and/or water damage.

All items in need of repair must be returned to JordiBasFoto for repair or taken to an authorized vendor to fulfill the manufacturer’s or JordiBasFoto warranty.

Manufacturer’s and JordiBasFoto warranties cover the cost of parts and labour only. These warranties do not cover rentals, lost fees or other expenditures.

All warranty repairs must be returned with a copy of the original invoice of sale, warranty cards are not sufficient. There is a 15 (+ tax) shipping and handling fee for manufacturer warranty repairs taken to JordiBasFoto. This fee is waived if the product is covered by JordiBasFoto Extended Life Plan.

If a product covered by warranty is shipped to JordiBasFoto for repair, the customer pays for shipping the product to JordiBasFoto. JordiBasFoto will cover the cost of shipping the repair back to the customer.

For more information on JordiBasFoto repairs, please click here.